Difficult times. We may all be isolated now physically. We may not be seeing friends in person. But you are NOT alone. We are together in our hearts. Let's STAY HOME and STAY SAFE - until we can see each other again.

An original "message song" from a QUEEN tribute band, QUEENESS, "You're Not Alone - Stay home and Stay Safe". Please feel free to share this video with your friends.


QUEENトリビュートバンド、QUEENESSからのオリジナルのメッセージソング、"You're Not Alone - Stay home and Stay Safe"。ご自由にシェアしてください。

“You’re Not Alone - Stay Home & Stay Safe”

Music by Kazuo Shimizu

Lyrics by Yohei "Freddie" Eto

Performed and Recorded by QUEENESS (of course, all remotely)

Final Mix by Kazuo Shimizu

Video by Takeshi Nishimura

Special Thanks to Maica and Eseta Sherman




  • 1000 / 1000